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Review of Belle And Chloe-Reflections In The Mirror​ 

Post by Christell Lindeque » 03 Oct 2023, 08:40

[Following is an official review of "Belle And Chloe-Reflections In The Mirror" by Isabela Sardas, Ph.D..] 5 out of 5 stars

A children's book titled "Belle and Chloe-Reflections in the Mirror", written by Isabela Sardas, Ph.D., addresses the topic of coming to terms with one's scars following a traumatic experience. The protagonists of this book are a pair of identical twins named Chloe and Belle. When you first read about them, they are just like any other young girls who enjoy pranking their teachers by switching identities and spending time with each other. One day Belle had an accident involving a boiling pot of soup, which resulted in her receiving third-degree burns. This book discusses the ways in which the family dealt with the situation while she was getting better and after she had recovered.

This story is about family, love, and a traumatic event that occurred in their lives that altered everything. This book presents both the positive and negative aspects of the scenario; however, the illustrations are age-appropriate for young readers, and the injuries are not depicted in a disturbing manner at any point. The writing is clear and concise, making it simple for the target audience to comprehend, and the illustrations are a great complement to the material presented.

I thought the message behind the story was wonderful, and I think this book will be of great assistance to many children who are going through something similar to what Belle did. I also believe that this book will help family members understand what their child may be going through and that it will help them deal with a family member who is going through a situation similar to the one described in this book.


This book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me because I couldn't find a single thing to criticise about it. The book was simple to comprehend, and the illustrations were enjoyable. The conclusion took me by surprise, and it even brought a tear to my eye. In addition, I was unable to locate any errors, leading me to believe that the book has been edited to perfection.

I highly recommend that children as well as the members of their family read this book because it assists children in comprehending the feelings that they are experiencing in the aftermath of a traumatic event, and it also assists family members in comprehending what their child or other member of the family may be going through and how to assist them in dealing with the situation. ******
Belle And Chloe-Reflections In The Mirror
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“A wonderfully written and illustrated book for children. Belle and Chloe are twin sisters. One day, an accident with a pot of boiling hot soup upturns on Belle. Her mother quickly calls for help and Belle lands in the hospital. Belle has several burns on her forehead, arms and legs, and other places that were third-degree. She would to have a three-month stay in the hospital. Dressings were changed, and operations were done.It was a difficult experience but her relationship with her sister deepened and she was fortunate to have much love, understanding, and support from her family. Belle had to deal with the scars. She withdrew and had counseling which helped her deal with being scarred. This is a wonderful story, showing a little girl dealing with a big change in her life and the positive approaches that her family took. I love this book! I hope that it is in all children’s libraries. Early Reviews. – Carol W. (9.6.23)


“I found this to be a very heart-warming story as it’s about a little girl who learns how to cope with trauma. The story captures a myriad of emotions – such as guilt, shame and helplessness – experienced by Belle’s entire family, after her accident. This picture book is written in an easy, comforting style, and is well suited for children who may be struggling with self-esteem, differences in appearance, or comparing themselves to others.” – Angela K. (7.26.23)


“I have been looking for a book like this one. One for children that covers a wide range of issues related to a child experiencing a burn. Some of those issues are self -acceptance, surgeries, isolation, bullying, family dynamics and more. Each illustration uses the whole page to the left with clear matching text on the right page. The story shows Belle coming full circle in accepting herself and getting back to her old self.” Early Reviews. – FamilyResourceCenter (9.12.23)


“Chloe and Belle are not only twins but they are friends. One day an accident happens and they no longer play or do anything together. Can they get back to feeling comfortable in the skin they are in? Will there be animosity? This book is geared for a very strong child to be able to handle the accident and after affects. I’d suggest ages 8 and up. I give it Five Stars! – Early Reviews – Kaz1974 (9.15.23)


“Accidents happen sometimes, there’s hurt, physical and emotional, shadows descend over dreams, life becomes more difficult. A lot of children have these traumatizing experiences. How can they be helped? This is a very touching story, beautifully told, and it also contains important messages, especially for children who are suffering similar circumstances. The story is based on the author’s own experiences from when she was burned [as a child] by a boiling soup that fell over her. In other words, this story was lived, it’s real. You get a glimpse into how you go on after an accident like this. is also a psychologist focusing on treating children with trauma. She knows exactly what she is talking about. I can add that I think this book is not only for children suffering from traumatic experiences but also for other children and adults. The book offers comfort and much needed knowledge to those who need it, and for the rest of us it is an eye-opening page turner. The book also features 25 full page illustrations that are detailed and colorful.I highly recommend this children’s book.” – Thomas W. (7.2023)


“Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror” by Isabela Sardas, Ph.D., tells the poignant story of Belle and Chloe, twin sisters who share a close bond and a deep love for each other. They navigate life together, from mischievous school pranks to outdoor adventures with their beloved pets, Muffin and Waffles.

However, tragedy strikes when Belle sustains severe burns in a kitchen accident. The family rallies together, and Belle undergoes a long and painful recovery process. Through surgeries, therapy, and the unwavering support of her family, Belle eventually returns home.

Yet, the scars on Belle’s body leave her feeling isolated and disconnected from her twin sister, Chloe. The story explores Belle’s struggle to accept her changed appearance and Chloe’s efforts to bridge the emotional gap between them.

With the guidance of professionals and the love of her family, Belle learns to see her scars as unique and beautiful, ultimately finding strength and acceptance through a special art form. The story underscores the power of love, resilience, and self-discovery in overcoming adversity.

“Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror” is a heartfelt narrative that delves into the complexities of sibling bonds, self-acceptance, and the healing power of love. Isabela Sardas, Ph.D., skillfully navigates the emotional journey of the characters, providing readers with a touching portrayal of resilience in the face of adversity.

The story is beautifully illustrated with vivid descriptions and relatable characters, allowing readers to empathize with Belle’s struggle to come to terms with her changed appearance. The inclusion of professional help and family therapy adds depth to the narrative, highlighting the importance of mental health support in recovery.

The incorporation of henna body art as a symbolic gesture of acceptance is a touching and creative element, emphasizing the transformative power of self-expression.

While the narrative primarily focuses on Belle’s journey, it also sheds light on Chloe’s own emotional turmoil, demonstrating the complexity of their relationship. The story effectively explores the sisters’ individual challenges and the evolution of their connection over time.

“Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror” is a heartwarming tale that resonates with readers of all ages. It imparts valuable lessons about self-love, acceptance, and the enduring strength of family bonds. Isabela Sardas, Ph.D., crafts a moving narrative that leaves a lasting impression on the reader, making this book a truly impactful read. – Mae

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